Is the Credit Pluent personal loan a good consumer credit?

The Credit Pluent personal loan makes it possible to finance all types of purchases (car, travel, interior equipment, etc.). Without proof of use of the money, it is reserved for customers of the bank. Let’s identify all the conditions of this personal loan, and compare the APR rates offered. Is it interesting to approach a Credit Pluent agency to obtain a personal loan?

The conditions of the Credit Pluent personal loan

The conditions of the Credit Pluent personal loan

The Credit Pluent personal loan is a consumer loan without proof of use . The bank has regional branches charging different rates, but basic conditions apply:

  • You must be a bank customer to obtain a Credit Pluent personal loan 
  • Credit Pluent’s personal loan is a loan without proof of use of money
  • Amount: from $ 1,000 to $ 21,500 (more in some cases)
  • Duration: up to 10 years (120 months)
  • Application fees (1% of the capital borrowed)
  • Possibility to choose the date for the payment of deadlines
  • A “Modulconso” option, allowing you to postpone several monthly payments during the year

Bad surprise, the Credit Pluent personal loan is subject to administration fees. This is usually never the case when applying for credit online. Most major traditional banks still charge fees. Integrated into the APR rate, application fees are a thorn in the side of the Credit Pluent loan.

The APR rates of the Credit Pluent personal loan

The APR rates of the Credit Pluent personal loan

Credit Pluent is a mutual bank, with several distinct regional banks. Thus, the APR rates for consumer credit offered in a Credit Pluent Nord-Europe branch (Hauts-de-France) may differ from those in the Paris region, or even in Brittany (Credit Pluent Océan). However, the group’s website allows you to simulate a Credit Pluent personal loan request. We are therefore able to compare the rates displayed with those of the online personal loan of large organizations (Bankil personal loan, Yoabank, Bankate personal loan, etc.). Our personal loan simulation is carried out on a standard amount of credit 10,000 USD, repaid in 48 months.

The APR rates for the Credit Pluent personal loan are relatively high, much less attractive than those of the best credit organizations . It should be noted that the APR rate includes all the costs of a loan, including those of possible handling fees. By applying fees of up to 1% of the borrowed capital, Credit Pluent shoots itself in the foot.

Limits of personal loan from banks

 The personal loan from banks is generally reserved for their customers, and only the best! Affected people generally have comfortable incomes, or are used to saving. But what good is it to get a loan in your bank if the APR rate is much better elsewhere? Our various simulations of bank personal credit (see LCL personal loan) always draw a relatively mixed picture when comparing rates.

The problem is also the issue of rapid lending. Traditional banks still find it very difficult to measure the risk associated with credit applications. Most of the time, you have to be ready to open an account – and often set up your income there – before you can hope to get a good loan from a bank, whether traditional or online. Once the account is opened, there is no indication that the bank will accept the credit request. Credit agencies, on the other hand, have the capacity to lend money to any individual . The credit documents are sufficient to obtain an immediate response in principle. Our comparator allows us to know where the best rate is, but above all to obtain a first favorable opinion.

Credit Pluent personal loan: in which cases is it attractive?

Credit Pluent personal loan: in which cases is it attractive?

Customers have nothing to lose by asking their advisor about the Credit Pluent personal loan. Good customers will likely receive a loan proposal. It remains to be seen whether it will be more interesting than that of organizations. The right way to act in this case is rather simple:

  1. Compare APR rates of personal loan online, through a credit comparator.
  2. Obtain an agreement in principle and a favorable opinion without commitment. The credit agreement will clearly display the proposed APR rate.
  3. Find out about Credit Pluent personal loan offers by requesting an appointment at an agency.
  4. Compare the bank’s offer with that obtained online.
  5. Sign the credit contract electronically or in paper version, before waiting for the organization’s response (48 hours on average).
  6. The validation of the credit contract orders the start of the withdrawal period, corresponding to 14 days (see the law on consumer credit).

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