Credit card, instant card or bank loan?

Sometimes life comes and the economy suffers. Surprising expenses cannot be avoided, but if you are prepared for them in the right way, you will not be surprised. A savings account should always have enough money to prevent the cost of renovation or car maintenance from ruining the economy. Occasionally, however, the savings account may not have enough funds.

So what can you do in such a situation? The best way is to try to cut your own expenses and move bills, and temporarily bring some extra road to the house. However, this is not always sufficient. Sometimes money is needed quickly and in large amounts. For example, when a car is needed to get to work but the car needs service, money is urgently needed.

Taking out a loan should always be avoided as the loan has to be repaid with interest and expenses. The best way is to first ask for a loan from your parents or friends, as they rarely ask for a loan with interest and they can be flexible about the payment date.

If this is not an option for you, it is time to start looking at other solutions. In this article, we will compare credit card, instant messenger and bank loan.

Credit card

Credit card

A credit card is an instrument that operates internationally, with a low interest rate and a low monthly payment. You can apply for a credit card through your bank or online. The credit line for credit cards depends on your income and credit history. If you have a good income and clean credit, you can get a credit of thousands of USD.

Credit cards (except for black American Express) allow you to repay your credit in as small installments as 5% down payment. This will not put too much stress on your finances and you can even ask your credit card company for a month or two of repayment leave a year.

In addition to a small down payment, credit cards usually have a very low interest rate. This means that you will not pay astronomical interest and costs on the credit you receive. From time to time, you can also lower or increase your credit line as needed. A credit card can be paid off little by little, or you can use the credit whenever you need and keep the credit open.

A credit card is a good, perhaps even the best, option if you need a few thousand loans and have time to wait for the card to be received. However, you will usually receive the card within about one week of an approved application.

Instant loans

Instant loans

Instant levers arrived in Finland around 2005. They are the inspiration for the US payday loans concept, where people can borrow money against their pay slips and pay off the vibe at the end of the month. When they landed in Finland, these instant lips took over. The Finns took the quick draws from the right and left, but did not notice that the quick draws had steep interest and expenses.

Such a high interest rate quick lane took many into the debt spiral. Around 2013, a new legal decree imposed a cap on high-speed levers, which kept many of the high-speed levers off the market. However, they were replaced by the latest Instant Loans from 2000 USD upwards. These loans are called flexible or consumer loans rather than instant loans.

So, if you intend to take a quick nip, compare flexible loans instead. These credits will give you up to $ 2000 in credit, but you do not need to use this credit at once. So you can only raise $ 100 if that’s the only amount you need. Costs are lower and payment times are often higher. Remember, however, that you only borrow the amount you really need. So, don’t worry about the extra money, just cut it off when it’s no longer needed.

You can easily apply for this credit online without any collateral or guarantors. You will get the loan decision within minutes and the credit will be opened to you right away. When you withdraw your credit, the money will be credited to your account immediately. This option is like a credit card and a quick flip. This type of instant loan is the best option if you can’t get a loan from your bank for one reason or another, or if you need a loan right away.

However, be sure to compare all available credits. There are many different websites in Finland that will be happy to do the comparison for you, and you can bid on different loans in one application.

Bank loan

Bank loan

A traditional bank loan is a slow option compared to many other options, but it can still be the safest and cheapest. In some cases, you may need collateral or guarantors for a bank loan. However, if your loan amount is only a few thousand and your income is regular, you can easily get a flexible credit from your bank.

The bank loan must be approved by the bank before you can sign the agreement. You will often need to sign the contract on the spot and the money will then be credited to your account within minutes. While this process may take some time, it may be worth the wait. This is because bank interest rates are very low. Another great thing about bank loans is that you can choose the amount of your monthly repayment. You can also request a month or two free of charge for the current year if needed.

A bank loan is the best option when you need a large sum of money, such as a renovation, an apartment or a car. Especially when you can wait a couple of weeks for a loan, a bank loan is the best option. In addition, the banks are safe and you know you will get exactly what was agreed.



Once you’ve decided how much money you really need, it’s time to decide the right way to borrow. It’s a good idea to apply for a credit card first. However, if your credit card limits are too low for your needs, or for some reason you can’t get your card, visit your bank.

Bank loans are the safest and most straightforward option. You can get a loan of up to hundreds of thousands of USD from a bank, so you can buy an apartment or house, for example. Banks’ interest rates are much lower, so in the long term, your wallet will thank you for choosing a bank loan. It can take a week or two to get a bank loan, but at least you know you are getting exactly the service that was agreed. Plus, you can choose your monthly repayments, so you can make sure that the loan repayment is right for your purse.

Instant leverage or flexible loans are only a good option if you do not get a loan from your own bank for some reason and if no credit card is available from any bank or company. Very often, flexible loans have a high interest rate, which can start to run on the economy in the long run. So consider very carefully whether it is worthwhile to take a Flexible Loan or Quick Leverage. And if you choose this option, read the fine print carefully and compete for all your options. For example, use a loan site that allows you to compete with many different companies in one application. Then you can choose the amount and interest rate that suits you.

However, you need to be careful when taking a loan. Make sure you consider all other ways to get money before you borrow. In the worst case, the repayment of the loan may take several years. Years of loan repayments can put more stress on the economy than was previously intended. You also don’t know how your economy will change over the years. So this option is really one that should only be the last straw of a straw.

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