There is always talk of the importance of having an emergency fund, but the truth is that many do not realize that until something unexpected happens. An accident, a disease or a natural disaster that spoils your home, and now you must think about how to solve the matter.

3 alternatives to finance an emergency

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So, if that happened to him, what would he do? These are three of the best known options you have, although they do not necessarily suit you:

1. Borrow from a family member or friend: 

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Friends and family are always, or at least try. If you are going through a difficult time, some family members or friends may offer to lend you the money. The good side is that they would not charge you interest, but the bad side is that they will want the return in a short time and maybe not in the comfortable installments that you would prefer to pay. You should also consider that if the amount needed is quite high, it is difficult for them to have that amount available.

2. Go to a lender: 

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You can also go to those people who are dedicated to lending money and earn charging interest. The good side is that there is no need to present many papers or take a long time to get the money. The bad side is that interest may be higher than expected, precisely because not so many guarantees are required.

3. Apply for a free investment loan: 

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This type of credit is not only ideal to satisfy a whim, but you can also use it to cover an emergency. You choose the number of fees according to what you can pay, and although in all banks they charge interest, the ideal is to compare all the options to choose the one that ends up getting cheaper.

If you are in a similar situation and do not know what to do, evaluate your options and resort to the one that gives you the best guarantees and comfort, to get out of that emergency.

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